Web Analytics Services – Why Are They So Important?


Online business is highly dynamic and competitive. Therefore, to be successful in this business, one needs to be one step in front of the competition. Gone are the days one when one was very happy to see more visitors on his or her site. Web analytics services have evolved a lot in recent years. Now business owners are unhappy by simply more “hits” on their sites. They are more keen to have maximum return on investment (ROI).

To get maximum return on investment, one needs to smartly employ the net analytics services to one’s advantage. If you should be a novice to this field, then your might be pleased just to see more hits or visits in your site. But these records doesn’t give complete picture about the performance of one’s site. Business Analytics Services What if more hits are accompanied with high bounce rates and low conversation rates? This demonstrates web analytics need to be drilled down deeply so as to get all relevant and information about your valued visitors.

Normal bounce rate of 10 to 15 percent is fairly OK as each site has some bounce rate but high bounce rate should indeed be considered a cause of concern. There could be two reasons for high bounce rate in your site. Either you are attracting wrong traffic on your website or the content of one’s webpages isn’t appealing to your visitors. Drill down to learn which key phrase was typed by the consumer to come to your site. Then go through the content of one’s webpage. If key phrase isn’t matching with the content of one’s webpages, it indicates you are attracting wrong traffic to your site.

However, if key phrase is applicable and still you are facing high bounce rate then your webpage content might not be satisfying the queries of the visitors. In this instance, you will need to rework your webpage content.

Web analytics services involve far more compared to mere analysis of traffic reports. They include understanding the profile of visitor, click stream analysis, path analysis, return on investment analysis, log file analysis, meta tags analysis, URL analysis and a lot more.

You might not be able to do all the above jobs single handedly of your as you may have your personal preoccupations and pressing commitments. Therefore, it could be a smart decision to hire the services of an expert web analytics consultant. The person or firm will do all the required homework for you personally for a fee. It could be the responsibility of the net analytics consultant to offer you all relevant reports in clear to see format.

You could ask your online analytics consultant to offer you the set of IPs from which you are getting traffic. Then you can ask him to filter down your personal IPs from that list to ensure that you may get reports of unique and external visitors who came to your site. Moreover, the consultant should come up with innovative solutions like how he could boost the “stickiness” of your website or what revenue you lost or earned from each of one’s visitor. Intelligent implementation of web analytics services will give you good returns in reasonable amount of time.

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